Sarah Idan


From Miss universe iraq to activist

In 2017, Sarah Idan was crowned Miss Universe Iraq and selected to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. Like her fellow competitors, Sarah embarked on this journey with pride to represent her people on the world stage. However, what she would experience during the pageant would set her apart from competitors and change her forever.

During the Pageant, Sarah posed for a photo with Miss Israel, Adar Gandelsman, that Sarah shared on her Instagram account as an expression of peace and love. Immediately following her post, she received hostile criticism, hateful comments, and death threats directed at her and her family.

This experience linked Sarah and her Israeli counterpart in a . story that sent ripples throughout the entire Middle East region and the world. Solely because she, an Iraqi, posed with Adar, an Israeli, Sarah’s family was forced to flee Iraq. Sarah remains fearful of returning home to this day.

This was only the beginning of Sarah’s commitment to bring together Muslims and Jews, Arabs and Israelis, beyond borders, differences in faith, and age-old conflicts, to find amity and common ground.